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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions, a comprehensive page to provide clarity of our services.

How is Core Team Partners compensated?

Our compensation is structured around a performance-based model, ensuring our goals align with your success. Initially, we charge a nominal upfront retainer to begin our collaboration. Subsequently, we receive a half percent of the total funds deposited each month over a 12-month period, amounting to a total of 6%. Additionally, for every $1 million in capital raised, we acquire 1% equity that can be repurchased at the sole discretion of the client ensuring total satisfaction. This approach not only incentivizes us to maximize your funding success but also establishes a partnership rooted in the long-term prosperity of your venture. Our compensation framework is designed to reflect our commitment to and confidence in your business's growth and achievements.

Are Core Team Partners licensed dealer-brokers?

We are not licensed dealer-brokers with an approach that is designed to be fair and compliant. We make a clear distinction between the services we offer versus compensation solely for referrals and fundraising, and this is backed by important legal considerations. Our service package goes beyond just referrals and fundraising – it includes advising, consulting, a hosted investor portal, and materials creation, all of which provide significant value. We spell out each service in our agreement to ensure everyone knows what's what and appreciates the unique expertise and effort involved in each. Our agreement is transparent and fair, designed to prevent disputes and comply with industry standards. We take our commitment to legal and ethical practices very seriously, and we're happy to have you consult with legal experts to confirm our approach. Your peace of mind matters to us!

How long does it take to fundraise?

The timeframe for fundraising can vary widely, depending on several factors. How prepared you are, the maturity of your product/service, and the development of your business plan all play a crucial role. Typically, preparation can range from 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on the level of support you need from us. For initial funding, the average duration is about 3 months, while a complete raise of $5 million may take up to 18 months. Rest assured, we'll work diligently to expedite the process while ensuring thoroughness and success.

What are the sources of our funding?

Our funding comes from a network of Angel Investors, Private Equity firms, and sometimes, Venture Capitalists. We focus on Angel Investors for their passion for early-stage concepts, offering both capital and optional mentorship and relationships. Each startup receives funding tailored to its needs, benefiting from Angels' eagerness for early involvement and potential lucrative exits. Our expertise ensures your venture gains the right support and guidance to flourish.

How does Core Team Partners structure a $5M raise for 20% equity?

We will meticulously craft a $25MM valuation. Our approach includes developing a comprehensive growth strategy, encompassing public relations, predictable marketing, C-suite recruitment, and a well-defined exit strategy or next inflection point. This plan provides a clear and compelling path for the company's success, ensuring that the investment is not only justified but also poised for fruitful returns for everyone involved. Our focus is on creating a strategic roadmap that aligns with investors' expectations and your company's long-term vision.

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